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Misha Coffee - 100gr Whole Bean

Misha Coffee - 100gr Whole Bean

The most expensive and exotic coffee in the world. It is processed in the highlands of the Peruvian Amazon in South America, by the coatis or civet (Nasua nasua)

When the coffee cherries ripen, its deep red color, sweet pulp, attract many wild animals, including the coatis, which only feeds on the best coffee cherries. The coffee then goes through the animal’s digestive system, and due to the animal not being able to digest the entire coffee cherry, the coffee is released with the animals stool.

Then, through a careful process, the coffee is washed and dried in stainless steel trays in a solar dehydrator, and then is subsequently milled to remove the second layer or parchment. After those process are complete, the coffee is then ready for roasting and grinding.

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